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About Us

Whatpic offers image uploading and sharing services (collectively referred to as the "Services") that are offered via the Site.

Our Customers

The Site is open to anyone 16 years of age or older, but some of the Services are only available to those people ("Subscribers") who have created an account (collectively, "Account"). You can visit the Site to search for, and view images ("Content") without registering as a Subscriber. 

Visitor and Subscriber Responsibilities

As either a Visitor or Subscriber, you agree to the following:

You are responsible for the Content and activities in your Account, for protecting your Content with a secure password and not sharing your password with anyone. We recommend using a combination of numbers, symbols and lower and upper case letters to create a secure password.

Whatpic reserves the right to suspend, restrict or terminate your Account at any time, without warning for any violation of these Terms, with or without prior notice or explanation and without liability, and can even take legal action if needed. Termination of your Account may include, in Whatpic's sole discretion, permanently removing your Content without warning.

For example, we may terminate your Account if you infringe the intellectual property rights of others or if you commit illegal acts using the Site or Services although we may, in our discretion, instead deny, restrict or suspend access to all or any part of the Site, or Services or suspend, restrict or terminate your Account when something similar occurs.

You may cease use of the Services at any time. Even after you are no longer using the Site, you will still be responsible for the promises you have made to us about your Content. You'll be responsible for any damages that result from your breaking those promises as further outlined below.

Types of Accounts

Content Rules

Whatpic continues to grow and get better because of users like you. We strive to create a place where everyone feels welcome, so please be mindful of others. Broadly speaking, please do not upload Content you didn't create, that violates somebody else's rights, demeans another person, is offensive or harassing, seeks personal information or passwords, is a form of spam or that is illegal. We reserve the right to restrict or terminate your use of the Site and our Services for violation of these prohibitions or similar activities.

Content & Privacy

You retain all your rights to any Content you submit, upload or display on or while using Whatpic. This means that you own all the Content you post.

Limits on Use

Other Important Guidelines

Things to Keep in Mind

Though everything in these Terms and in our Copyright and IP Policy and our Privacy Policy is a binding contract, we need to let you know the following:

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